Madisson Ledan

Madisson Ledan is a student at Palm Beach State College who is Haitian.

Madisson is from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, but now resides in Florida. He enjoys being outside. He enjoys being outside, whether it's for a team sport like soccer or for individual activities like track and field.

He continues to play soccer with his pals at local parks even after his high school career has ended, and he is an active volunteer in the community.

These small gatherings, according to Madisson Ledan, are a terrific way to stay in shape, stay in touch, and have a nice time.
Madisson is also outgoing, calm, and patient, waiting for the finest opportunity to present themselves. Ledan is born with an adventurous spirit since he enjoys exploring and trying new things. Ledan's other stress reliever is that he is an ardent gamer. [5] He also enjoys visiting his Haitian friends and family.